Software VARs – KMC can be very helpful, because …

Most banks will not finance software.

SASSing has solved that for many, but when unavailable, or for
customers who want to ‘own’ the software, KMC can bring the
cash flow benefits of the subscription model.
Sticker shock
As many of you know, the “cash” price of software can be alarming to the
small business owner. ROI may not be visible.
Immediate ROI
Value (efficiency and productivity benefits) demonstrated on a monthly basis,
often makes ROI immediately visible.
100% financing
Most projects we fund include installation, integration and training – this helps
you get paid quickly, and helps the customer get started without feeling the pain of
“software + installation +, +, +”
Many of our software vendors are reluctant to pay the publisher, as well as their own
tech time for a project that will not bring payment for several weeks. KMC can arrange
payment of 50-100% in advance.