How It Works

It’s a lot like being paid cash … but it’ll take a few days to get funds to your account.
So, let’s call it Net7 days – we understand that cash is better … but, in pretty much every case,
we’re funding business that would otherwise be delayed, or never happen.
Credit approval for most comes in less than 24 hours, then documents signed, and check sent
to you (for some, payment can be made in advance of delivery, or fabrication) …
  • You make a monthly payment option available – KMC makes that easier than anyone we know
  • Customer chooses payment option (5-30% do so, depending on market)
  • We handle details (discuss options with customer, get approval, prepare documents)
  • You send invoice and ship product
  • You receive payment in full immediately (sometimes sooner)
  • Customer makes payments to selected lender