Why KMC ?

Any investment, financing, or even a new cell phone requires some research. As customers,
we’ve been annoyed by what seem to be half-truths and “oops, I forgot to mention …”

At KMC we bring straight talk to help our customers make their best decision.

We understand that the decision might not include KMC – we won’t badger you. We’ve helped some negotiate
a short-term payment plan with the vendor – and helped others to confirm that their bank had the best offer.
In addition to that subjective stuff, KMC is small, and runs lean. We almost always win when competing
with the ‘big guys’ (same network of lenders – less overhead).
One caution …
Be very careful when “You’re pre-approved” is almost never true – it usually means “you’re on a list”, and they’ll
need some information to re-pre-approve you.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but we’ve met many customers
who’ve had a rough go after such a start.