How Does KMC Help Sellers?

Sellers (Vendors) of equipment are KMC’s primary customers.
We seek long term vendor relationships, earned through straight talk,
and great service to their customers.

KMC makes it easier for some customers to buy.  We fund equipment through
our network of ‘Non-retail’ lenders, who work only with approved brokers,.
(and focus on equipment – no mortgages, checking accounts, etc.)
Through our lender-mix, KMC can:
1. Provide one-stop, risk-based pricing – great rates for A+, and best match for credit-challenges
2. Fund software, and equipment – new and used
(most banks won’t fund software or used equipment)
KMC handles all details, from initial discussion of options with the customer, through funding.
We’re not pushy – we believe that your customers know if they need financing – just like they know
if they need shipping, installation, etc.  As you discuss their needs, we simply recommend that you
ask one more question, to better serve your customers …
“Would you like payment estimates with our proposal?”