KMC Helps Buyers

KMC Financial can quickly provide payment estimates – and straight talk,
to help you understand available options – no pressure, no extra zazz.

Our mix of ‘non-retail’ lenders help us deliver the best solution for a particular situation,
most often a mix of pricing, speed, and convenience.

Typical benefits include:
  • 100% financing (including accessories, installation, etc.)
  • 1 or 2 payments in advance
  • Convenience
For the A+ credit crowd, we’re usually helping to expand or preserve existing credit with their bank
– or to fund unusual, or older equipment, that their bank does not like.
For start-ups or the credit-challenged, we help by finding the best rate for the risk …
We often deliver great rates to those who just miss qualifying at their own bank.
Many have had recent foreclosures or bankruptcies – we can help there too.